Full spectrum laser forums

Anyone ever gone? Waaay different vibe there, fewer people, the admin’s avatar is a gun, the ui makes discourse look good.

I’m sure the muse is a lovely machine and its users a great bunch but I think I’ll stay here.

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I just popped in over there, and this is the ad that greeted me.


That’s amusing. :smile:


The more I think about it, the more I would be annoyed at visiting forums for a product I purchased for that amount of money, only to have to deal with ads from third-parties.


I looked at the admin section, and it appears that the forum might be 100% owner/fan-run. I’m not sure that Full Spectrum has anything to do with it.

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That’s what it says in your link text:


Yeah, I totally read that before clicking… Yep, I did. Nothing to see here


Yeah but that could mean a lot of things. Specifically from the admin page:

Contact the forum admins here. We do not work for FSL

Looking a bit more closely now that I am on my PC, it’s also repeated on the front page. From what I can tell it used to be on the FLS site, but got moved to a separate domain, I wonder if the FNLs made them move?

I see that this page exists: http://www.fullspectrumengineering.com/forums/index.php

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Looks pretty much defunct…check the newest date…2015

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One I share - I think every product is right for someone, and the best we can do is help folks find something that works for them.

As a side note, we don’t advertise there deliberately, but the site’s operator is running Google ads on there so it’s getting pulled in through Google magic.


That’s refreshing behavior from a competitor, and the opposite FSL displayed when they rushed to emulate glowforge - although I’m not sure their product was really any match.
One of their innovations looked to be a sound idea, an opening bottom allowing a stackable case for greatly increased bed depth. Since Dremel owns the design now, you may have some real competition soon.


But that was an innovation that Dremel appears to have dropped.