Full spectrum laser forums


Anyone ever gone? Waaay different vibe there, fewer people, the admin’s avatar is a gun, the ui makes discourse look good.

I’m sure the muse is a lovely machine and its users a great bunch but I think I’ll stay here.


I just popped in over there, and this is the ad that greeted me.


That’s amusing. :smile:


The more I think about it, the more I would be annoyed at visiting forums for a product I purchased for that amount of money, only to have to deal with ads from third-parties.


I looked at the admin section, and it appears that the forum might be 100% owner/fan-run. I’m not sure that Full Spectrum has anything to do with it.


That’s what it says in your link text:


Yeah, I totally read that before clicking… Yep, I did. Nothing to see here


Yeah but that could mean a lot of things. Specifically from the admin page:

Contact the forum admins here. We do not work for FSL

Looking a bit more closely now that I am on my PC, it’s also repeated on the front page. From what I can tell it used to be on the FLS site, but got moved to a separate domain, I wonder if the FNLs made them move?

I see that this page exists: http://www.fullspectrumengineering.com/forums/index.php


Looks pretty much defunct…check the newest date…2015


The Dremel version is what got me interested in home laser cutter/engraver. The “Chinese whatever-40” only turned me off. When I saw Dremel’s promo a few months ago is when I really got the bug for a home laser machine.

No experience with them, but they’re what spawned my interest, which eventually led me to the GF.

I wouldn’t feel right bashing the product that ultimately led me here.

Just an opinion.


One I share - I think every product is right for someone, and the best we can do is help folks find something that works for them.

As a side note, we don’t advertise there deliberately, but the site’s operator is running Google ads on there so it’s getting pulled in through Google magic.