Fume Coffin


mm, this has been making the rounds of the forum for a few days. i think it’s a nice step for people who feel concerned about venting unfiltered exhaust to the outdoors.


Apologies for the double post.

no no, i don’t think it got its own topic, it’s a neat project worth the exposure.


This is very helpful, especially as it has so much technical information rather than just a how to. And the catchy title makes all the difference!


I like it. It looks like it’s actually reasonably thought out.

I think I was more surprised that the CAN33 filter was cheaper priced Canadian than US (they’re on Vancouver Island) but even so… $140 is definitely a non-trivial hunk o’change. :dizzy_face:

We decided to wait and see how the GF filter performed and how much the filters ran and didn’t pick one up in the preorder. This might be a good addition to our “if we never get the GF filter” list at home. Thanks.

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