Fun connect-the-dots maker with Inkscape

So, there’s an extension under Visualize Path->Number Nodes… that will take any path and convert the nodes to numbered dots. You can change the text and dot size.

With an appropriately simple path (Path->simplify might help you here), you can quickly go from the path on the left to the CTD on the right:

(Image taken from wiki with a Google image search of “dog inurl:svg -pinterest”)

The dots and numbers are grouped together, you’ll need to break them apart to manipulate any individual number or dot placement. I’m sure someone will find a fun use for this!


Thanks for the heads up on the inkscape number nodes.
I think I’m going to find that useful in orientating cuts to minimise ‘dead time’.


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Oh yeah, good thinking. Clever use.

You could use it to make some pretty durable “sewing cards” for toddlers.