Fun maker field trip

Found out a friend’s daughter works at Formlabs, so through her was able to arrange a tour for myself and some colleagues. It’s only about 10 minutes from my lab to their office (a decommissioned slaughter house). The first thing we noted was when we walked in there were dogs walking around (they are a dog friendly office). Since one of the most common use cases for SLA printing is dental work, I brought one of my colleagues from the Cummings school of Veterinary Medicine at Tuft University who is a veterinary dentist. What’s funny is when we arrive our guide asked if he was OK with it being a dog friendly workplace, and he replied that he worked at a dog required workplace… Anyway, it’s a pretty amazing place and they showed us lots of cool prints (as you can imagine every horizontal surface is covered with Form 2 printers printing away). Being that there are huge 5gal vats of Isopropyl alcohol on the floor, not sure the dogs should be just walking around… Unfortunately had to sign a NDA so couldn’t take lots of pics, but we did get to take one in front of the sample wall. One cool thing (can’t imagine this is NDAed) is on the wall outside of the support area they have a completely dissembled printer mounted on the wall as a really cool display (including every nut, washer, etc).


And for those who wonder what that inappropriate appearing item is above my head, it’s the thingiverse SpaceX Falcon 9 model… Printed in parts and glued together…


sure it is… at least that’s what they told you.