Fun stuff

Working on some giveaways for a teen maker event. Hopefully kids still love minecraft. The vectors come from an object on thingiverse that I imported in to tinkercad then exported for lasercutting.


looks like minecraft stuff, i know there will be a ton of this made on lasers. making them out of EVA foam would be pretty awesome too (thats what most of the ones in stores are made from)

My kids love Tinkercad. What is your process for exporting to a laser compatible format?

Tinkercad has an option to download for lasercutting in the download for 3D printing dialog. It creates a SVG file for download. I have to convert SVG to EPS or DXF for working with our version CorelDraw.

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That’s great. I had not noticed that option as our process has always been for 3D printers. Thanks for the pointer!