Fun things from Tractor Supply

Went to my local TSC and found these wooden utility knives and flashlights, thought they would be perfect test subjects and gifts if they worked. The knives come in a 2 pack and the lights a 3 pack, were about $10-15 each. A side note about the knives, they are much thicker than a standard metal one from Lowes or HD, almost double, but they engrave nicely.

The trick I used to keep the knives level was to use a corn hole been bag, then push it down in and check both directions with a torpedo level to make sure.

20190902_180224 20190902_180338


Nice! And I like the idea of using a bean bag jig for them…that would adapt to a lot of odd shaped items. :grinning:


It did until the wife saw…
I was scolded quite well for using her bags :rofl:

I also bought some Crayola Magic Clay with the thought of using it for irregular shapes, but it made a mess sticking to the knives. Worked good for the lights though.


I have some small sandbags for pistol rests that would work - never thought of that. Thanks.

Hmmm … maybe something like these (for folks whose wives don’t sew sandbags for them :slightly_smiling_face:)


Excellent find!

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My wife made me a bunch of small sandbags - probably 10x3" - that I use for my pistol & rifle classes but I was interested in what Amazon might have for folks without sewing skills. These look like you might fill them half full and let it spread out inside. They’d also provide more bed coverage so you could layout several items needing that kind of support.

I didn’t know yoga sandbags were a thing :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m going to go get some of those utility knives. They’ll make great work gifts!

I’m a cheapskate and for my “beanbag” supports I throw a bunch of rice into a ziplock bag. Works well actually.


Didn’t someone use crumpled up aluminum foil to the same effect?

Yes I remember seeing that post. I was aiming for something safe reflective wise :wink:



Take it a step further to be “safer” if you over engrave; rice in bags inside of a throw pillow case.


Nice find. Always looking for fresh material.

And that plumbing business name reminds reminds me…

I was looking at the A-1 Bail Bonds billboard the other day and thought to myself that nowadays it doesn’t matter what letter your company starts with. Search order doesn’t work this way anymore. You have to pay for it.

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You have to be “let you fingers do the walking” old to understand A-Able :rofl: I always preferred the James Earl Jones commercials.

We get asked quite often what the name of the company means. We have a security guard at an industrial plant that laughs everytime he sees one of our trucks and calls us the stuttering plumbers.


About once a month our church used to get a fake invoice from the Yellow Pages. I just laughed.

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Love the flashlights! Would be great little gifts!