Fun way to test for Chlorine in materials


Found this fun video on how to test for Cholrine (Vinyl) in the materials you want to laser cut. Like the guy in the video says, just don’t kill yourself in the process :stuck_out_tongue:

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You might be interested in this thread someone started last October. It includes the Burnination video as well as others. :wink:


thanks @dwardio, I did a quick search to make sure I wasn’t double posting, but I guess it was a little too quick :slight_smile: . Thanks for the link.


The Moleskin question has made its way onto the slaughterhouse floor several times. Is that video from 2008? Materials of Moleskin have changed since then. I’m still waiting for a definitive answer.

Would be a great video to update and try the same process.


No worries — there’s a lot of good info out there. The Burninator video was actually embedded in a posted link, so not one-click available, so worth repeating.


Moleskine never replied to any of my requests for additional info.


I vote no:

esp. if still on the mole… :anguished: