Fun With Cutouts And Sharpies

I made this spiffy kleenex holder for my mother in law and wound up with a whole mess of little bits and pieces, and thought it was silly to waste them. And then I saw a pack of multicolored Sharpies while I was at Walgreens, and things escalated.

The wood’s just some random plywood I’ve been using for testing designs. Bottom piece includes holes I cut out while (of course) making a holder for the Sharpies.

Would love to see some other examples of what folks do with the cut-out bits from designs that have holes like that.


Love it! Is it a wall hanging? I like the colorful patterns.

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I’ve collected a small box of bits and pieces with the intent of creating a mosaic. I have not yet used them.


I like it, reminds me of rainbow goldfish crackers swimming.




Mostly they live in a box so that “someday” I can do something with them… :-/


So cute. Would look great in a kid’s room.


Yeah, wall hangings are probably their eventual destiny.

I did notice after a couple days the glue I used on the bottom piece wasn’t doing a great job of holding on the finished pieces from the PG - I suspect I probably need to use something that accounts for the finish and not just Elmer’s Extra Strong :upside_down_face:

Yeah I have a whole bunch of that as well. We also don’t have much space in our place (especially after buying the GF :laughing:) so my motivation to find something to do with them sooner rather than later is pretty high.

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I was (and still am) a fan of “Aleene’s Tacky Glue”, but when I first got my Glowforge I used it on a bunch of maple proofgrade projects. Everything seemed great for a few months and then they started to come apart. I never really made anything out of wood before, so that was a lesson that to maybe not try to stick smooth finished surfaces together with “PVA” glue.