Fun with old Art


Probably 35 years ago I attempted scrimshaw a couple of times. Long enough ago that you could still buy ivory. I came across this piece and had always liked it - except it was on ivory. Just owning it now gives me guilt.
It pains me to look at it, so I was compelled to commit the image to another medium.

Proofgrade maple with default dark setting.


On the ivory, under magnification you drag a #11 Exacto blade to inscribe your design, and wipe with black India ink.

On a glowforge you just push a button.


That turned out great! What was your process for getting from point A to point B? Was that Glowforge traced!?


No, I brought the pic into Inkscape and traced it, which by default saved as an SVG.


Beautiful piece. (And looks even better on wood.) :grinning:


I agree. I can stand to look at maple.
@Jules, you see now I have always had a thing for old dead trees. :wink:


You render them beautifully too. :slightly_smiling_face:


:kissing_heart: :purple_heart:
They render themselves, I just bear witness.


Beautifully done!


Thank you :grin: