Fun With Text


These are a few projects that I have done with different fonts.

Here are the SVGs
Fun With (338.5 KB)
I can post a tutorial if anyone is interested.


All that and the files too? Very generous. Thank you.

I really like what you’re doing with words :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’d say you have a way with words!


Wow! Thanks!


:joy: I thought the 3rd one down said “You don’t gel the same women, Juice in life” lmao
Made me confused…:wink:


So did I!!!


those "t"s do seem to all be missing the crossbars.


This is quite a variety, thanks for sharing.


Words, words, words.

(Though this be madness, yet there is method in 't.)


Wow, this is fun and has text! Thanks!


Text can be a lot of fun … Thank you for spreading the fun with your files!