Fun With Wine or...Santa's Little Helper!

Ok, I did it, although on the brownboard I nearly had a heart attack when I saw all the pieces, ESPECIALLY THE DOOR​:rofl::rofl::rofl:. It was set to cut, not etch. Thank you for this beauty! :sparkling_heart::+1:t3:


Looks Great! Yeah there are a lot of pieces to glue! Please let me know if you found the instructions not clear or I need to correct anything. BTW the front snow only glues to the side snow and the roof overhang. Keep the box open when you glue it so that it doesn’t glue the box shut. LOL


The door at first I was… please don’t drop the pieces as I’ll never get them together in the right order without having to have a drink. lol I redid the brownboard and changed the window frames etc to etch instead of cut and then had them in complete pieces. whew. I think there was another cut/etch section in the whiteboard as well. Nothing major.
OK I was wondering about that last snow edge. tried it a couple ways, decided to walk away for abit. That’ll help immensely knowing that. Thank you. Now off to the barn I go…

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Yeah I set the file up so that there would only be 2 layers. I guess I need to look at that again! Thank you for letting me know!

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Just a tip… I used hardboard and found the paper transfer tape takes off abit of the surface of the wood. On the painted boards didn’t want the paint to come off so left them plain. In order to get the burn marks off I used alcohol on a sponge and the burn marks wipe right off. Haven’t tried it on the plain boards yet. Hope this helps someone.


Good tips! I use 3M Masking tape and have never had an issue with the paint coming off. I think I will stick to masking tape. LOL (Pun not intended…but I am happy with it! :slight_smile:)

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LOL good one. The one I use is good on normal wood, very light grip but the hardboard goes a wee bit fuzzy. Not sealed and all I guess.

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