Functional Part


Not artsy at all but the type of thing I got this machine for. This is a holder for pogo contacts that I had been producing in a cnc mill. The problem with the mill is the the tinny cutters dull fast in acrylic and break and they are not cheep. So here it is using a few different powers for varying engrave depths. As an added bonus its faster that machining!

From here they get the lead soldered on and is then fill with epoxy.


I don’t do electronics work, but I imagine working with Pogo pins can be pretty tough and Glowforging this tool should really help!


This is exactly the sort of thing I bought mine for, micro machining without the hassle of CNC set up and delicate tools. Well done for showing it is possible.




That’s a nice depth on the engraves too. (I def. appreciate the useful projects.) :grinning:


That is so cool! We’ve used our 'forges for prototyping electronics test fixtures and it makes the process so much easier. Never tried a cross-sectional approach like you’re doing though.


Thanks! It’s a strange orientation but it’s actually a component in a product rather a test fixture.