Functioning Rubber Band Gun + SMG with reloadable magazines

These are some of the coolest files I’ve made on a Glowforge. The files are searchable on Etsy for a few bucks each from pew pew wood (not mine) .if you like to assemble functioning things, these are the ones to make!! With reloadable magazine clips, ratcheting action, and they really fire little dowel rod “bullets” they are a ton of fun to cut and assemble. I made both with plywood and clear acrylic for sweet see-through ratcheting action. :wink: I sent the acrylic pistol gun to the owner and with permission, he put them up on his photo reel. :smiley:


Those do look fun to assemble. Contemplating all the design work makes my head hurt. :slight_smile:


@High_Latitude no joke! The whole time I put them together I was just thinking, “My goodness!!! How in the world do people figure stuff out like this!!! Incredible!!”


My son wants one of these but then he tells me it’s so he can shoot the dog or his sister in the butt. I am thinking that’s a big NO. Plus, I know who will end up cleaning up all of the rubber bands everywhere… LOL