Fundraisers and holiday merch

Made a set of pug coasters and a holder for Pacific Pug Rescue to sell in a silent auction later this month a their Pug-O-Ween event.
I also made up a bunch of tree ornaments they are going to place on “giving trees” at a couple of local vets. Donate money, pick an ornament.
I figure I can use the ending bids as a good starting point for how much to charge on Etsy?


Nicely executed and for a very wonderful cause. WOOF WOOF :sunglasses:

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Awesome work and cause!

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Remember that people will typically bid higher at a charity auction than for private store purchase. You may want to consider initially listing a little lower than top bids, unless you are also donating some of the proceeds.

True enough, but it’s at least a ballpark.

True, good starting point, but I’d start there and move downward a little than moving upward, at least to start.

Those are wonderful!

These are great. Hope the fundraiser goes well.

These are all great! I like the drawing and then lack of a drawing on the coasters.