Funny how things start out - playing with my logo turns to Gear Coasters

So I was quarantined from my Glowforge this week cause my wife told me I needed to get my video projects done, you know work before play. I found my Glowforge calling me every day as it sits back there behind me. Some people have bumper stickers “I’d rather be fishing” or “I’d rather be golfing”, well mine would definitely be “I’d rather be Glowforging!” LOL Well it’s the weekend I got all my projects done for clients and she teased me, OK you can go play with your Glowforge, so I rush into my office, got it set up, and my mind went blank. We were going to watch a movie so I only had 20 minutes. I just wanted to cut something!!!

So I grabbed my logo and some plywood I bought and decided to try some text around my logo. It turned out pretty cool but by this time it was time to watch the movie. Intermission on date night (40 minutes into the movie) she wanted to take a bath so I jumped back on the Glowforge and thought, "Hey it would be cool to add a gear or something around it… but with some type of lip and cutout. I’m like it. The movie’s back on and I have the little cutouts that I am playing with as we watch the rest of the movie. Ideas going around my head.

Movies over, we go to bed, still thinking about my gear thing. Dog gets me up at 3:30am to go out and I go into my office and get the idea to make these into coasters. By the way, my office is right under our bedroom so I have never tested out if I could use the Glowforge while she is sleeping upstairs. Thought this was as good a time as any to try it out, designed the files, base, and all in Illustrator, have been wanting to do some living hinge so worked that into the base. By this time it is 5:30 am so I turned on the Glowforge and external fan on full. Snuck upstairs to see how it sounded. Went back and pressed the button. 13 minutes later I had a set of 4 coasters, a base with a living hinge, and although a basic design I think it turned out pretty good. I originally thought to have the raised edge and drop the cork into it but like the scored edge better. What do you think?

Sorry for the long story, just thought it was funny how ideas come sometimes.




Really nice work, yes, those turned out great!

‘using a laser allows me to take my digital designs and make them physical.’

A new superpower! The ease to manifest an idea into 3D - I’ve never had a tool that inspired creativity like this thing.


My feeling exactly!!


I love it! And I can definitely relate to thinking about designs at night, wanting to sneak into my craft room to play on my GF. My husband says I forget about everything else - and sometimes I do. :roll_eyes: But I think your coasters and holder turned out amazing.


Thanks! Being a creative that is how my whole life has been, getting lost in my work! Glowforge has become a whole new level.


These are great! And I am so glad you did not wake your wife.


So is he! :grimacing:
So @visuplayer, the noise is like a third as loud with an external inline fan, maybe less.

Looks great!

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Wow, most impressive! Imagine what you could make if you had more time to play.

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These are completely fantastic and the story is cool as well, I feel like that about my GF!


These are great!

Yes, the gears really turn at night! There is never enough time!