Funny story-and problem solved


I received my glowforge in early November and eagerly hooked it up and started printing away. I’m not sensitive to the smell of a laser, even the k40 wasn’t too bad unless I forgot to turn the blower on. Venting on the Glowforge works pretty well, but I wasn’t really impressed.

The other day I was walking by the vent, (a dryer vent) and I saw the grill was on the floor, and it looked like something was growing out of it.

Prior to the arrival of the glowforge, I had stuffed a sock in the vent to prevent the cold air from entering. The fan had finally expelled the sock.

It seems to vent better now.


:smile: Heck, I believe that tops the “forgetting to open the blast gate” stories. :sunglasses::+1:


Must have been a clean sock if the smell coming from the vent “wasn’t too bad”! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


It was not clean when I pulled it out of the vent. In fact it was mostly black.


Talk about a poor man’s filter…


Oh, man, that sounds like something I’d do.