Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

I’m curious if you are noticing harmonics or noise issues like @takitus had mentioned?


Aside from the fan being really loud when it prints, (like vacuum cleaner loud), no. I think the problem he has is with that bad tube. (Which makes the results he manages to get with those 3D prints all the more phenomenal.)

(And I’m venting lower than the unit, because I don’t want a dryer hose running up my office wall.) :slight_smile:


did you wrap your vent hose with sound dampening materials? It helps a lot


No, I’ve only had it for a few days. (Hasn’t really bothered me that much yet.) :relaxed:

(Might do something for the final unit. We’ve got lots of foam.)


So excited for you! Looks like you might do some Zentangle as well! The Hedgies are adorable!


Happy Cakeday! :relaxed:

What’s a Zentangle?

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it’s the hip new term for doodling nonsensically complex little sketches


Gotcha! (I’m so out of it these days…)

Yeah, I do that sometimes. (Did it a lot more in college, mainly during Logic class.)


Awesome unboxing story.
Beautiful outcome!
Here is a little tip regarding mask removal…

After the job is complete,
get some packing tape or a tape with a Stronger adhesive then the mask… apply it on top of the gooey, messy mask. Smooth it down the best you can… and nowwwwww the moment of truth…
Pull the packing tape up and it will take the original mask with it! It’s particularly helpful when you have a ton of detail. You might need to find the right combo of tape/mask but it’s a no brainer once you have it

I have done his technique for years with my current laser cutter and just wanted to pass this first tip along to my (hopefully soon)… glowforge brothers and sisters.

More tips to share…
I suppose there is an appropriate place to post these but i was thrilled With your story



No, posting the tip here is fine, and much appreciated by everyone reading! :relaxed:

(I did eventually find that Gorilla Tape works extremely well for removing some of the masking left behind by light engraves - because that stuff is just super-fine! The spatula worked better on the darker one above because I had chosen too dark an engrave setting, and it was covered with residue. For that one, the tape wasn’t grabbing well enough.)


Great tip! You might want to add it to this thread: Tips For the Inexperienced


Go Jules. Great to hear about more Glowforges out in the wild. Hopefully means the general shipping date is getting closer. :grinning:


Hi there, Just a quick tip if you haven’t tried it yet!
My machine didn’t arrive yet and I don’t know if that would work with the sort of material that Peeling tape is but try to use a hair dryer to warm the glue a bit before removing them, as I said, I don’t know how it is but that always helped me a lot!
Still a lot of work to be done on cases like hedgie’s! :slight_smile:
Great work!

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Thanks for the suggestion! I still haven’t tried a hair dryer to loosen the adhesive, but I did find that rinsing things like acrylic loosens it up really quickly. (Obviously wouldn’t do it with the woods, but it does help for the plastics.)

These also work really well:

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Saw this post when it was replied-to today, and it’s a good place to share this that I ran across on Twitter today. I immediately knew I had to share it with @Jules


Great! :slight_smile:

Squeeeeeeee! :smile: :squeeee::squeeee::squeeee:

Has anyone used the “ Vinyl Ease V0804 Clear Application / Transfer Tape” to mask their own non-PG material? I having a hard time locating an MSDS for it.

I would recommend a paper-based tape. Even if that stuff is safe, plastic masking leaves more residue when you engrave, at least in my experience.


The clear stuff is most likely PVC-based. Steer clear of clear.

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