Furries in MY forum?!

It’s more likely then you’d expect!
But all kidding aside there were a few things I knew I wanted to do once I got my forge. The biggest one was to offer custom pieces to my customers. I am a full time freelance artist who makes a decent chunk of my income from traveling to various conventions and selling art and other wares. A good percentage of my customer/fanbase is furry. Furry people are all about custom art and anything they can get with thier personal characters on it. Here are a few examples I made to take to my next convention in May to take custom orders.

I’ve only had the GF up and running since this past Thursday but I have had so much fun messing with it and trying new things.
Here are some pendants I mocked up, experimenting with glitter inlay before working my way up to more expensive inlay materials.

Also tried my hand at an edge-lit sign. This one is for my husbands youtube channel where he makes and modifies Nerf guns.

And this is all in just 3 days. I cannot wait to try more!


They turned out great! :grinning:


Those are so fun! Can’t wait to see what else you make. Welcome to the wonderful world of 'Forgery.


You certainly hit the ground running! Amazing first projects–I really like the glitter inlay.


Did you use the pattern from the gf founders designs? If so, how did you crop it to the circle without going over the edges?

Very nice! a great start, like the glitter inlay.

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No you can get very similar patterns online, I just took it into illustrator and masked it into the circle.

Nice work! Can’t wait to see it around the cons. :slight_smile:

@Mossfox - those are very cool. May I ask what you used for the glitter fill? I’m used to subpainting with acrylics and have turned and filled wood with an inlay resin. Curious if it’s a similar material. :slight_smile:

No subpainting. I used this method (same products) just glitter instead of stone.

I plan on upgrading to stone eventually but wanted to get the technique down.


Cool, thanks. It’s a good way to try out a new technique.

After you convert the text to outlines, you need to unite the pieces to avoid overlap of the letters. On the Onna badge. I see the traces of overlaps. It’s easy to fix this on Illustrator. But great job!

Yeah i noticed that after the fact, thanks for the tip!

I have been using Inkscape, but editing at the node level could blend the letters as was your intent, rather than just overlap. The “union” command eliminates the overlap , but editing the nodes at the corners can make the letters flow into each other. :slight_smile:

Check out thermoplastics too for a similar effect. @Xabbess turned me on to the process. Really easy to get nice & clean colored inlays.

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