Fusion 360 - Build a Box (p1)


f360 intro.pdf (299.1 KB)

Tutorial created by @markevans36301


Here is a general tip that will end up in one of these next time I am editing.

Don’t be afraid of the back button. If you get lost or something is not working right, click it a few times until you are back where everything was working right and try again.

This is like learning an instrument. You are going to suck at it at first but if you are stubborn and keep at it, it will click at some point. I am still waiting for that day but I just know it is coming. :blush:


ok and where is the tutorial?

It is broken up into sections, i think there is 8 in total. This is only the into.
Here is the link for the next part.


@andreasrkopp, go to the first post in tips and tricks. It is an index. Click the link to 3D design and a spreadsheet will come up with these as well as others as links.

All feedback on these is always welcome. I want them to be the best they can be.

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