Fusion 360 copied objects all married

not sure if this is the correct forum or not but ill give it a try anyway. I have been going high and low on google and I either fail or I don’t know what I’m searching for. I copy bodies in fusion and they are all married to each other so if I move one they all move or they all change. anyone know how I can divorce these ? I have spent close to two hours on it and I’m just lost.

Don’t have the step by step, but depending on the exact nature of the source object, try searching for ungroup, split, or explode objects…

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Not seeing it it sounds like you have everything selected. Try going over to the outline at the left and selecting a single body.
Let us know what it turns out to be…

I don’t use Fusion 360, but I saw a video that might have your answer.

Written instructions of what John says in the video…

  1. Right click on the component you want to copy
  2. Click Copy
  3. Right click on the part name at the top of the component tree
  4. Click Paste New

I notice that the “Paste New” command doesn’t have a keyboard shortcut. I bet that can be changed, but I don’t know how.

And here’s the video… (the copying and pasting starts at 7:07)

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I just tried this, and it looks like the “Paste New” option isn’t available if the item you’ve copied is only a body. It looks like it has to be a component… or, I guess all I can really say is that components work but I guess other things might as well.

So, assuming you have more than one body, you’ll want to click the lil’ arrow next to bodies, then select the body that you’d like to be a “component”, right click on it, and click “Create Components from Bodies”. As you can tell from the name of the command, if you select multiple bodies you can turn them into multiple components.

In my quick attempts, I couldn’t make disjoined bodies into a single component. A (potentially bad) workaround I found is to join the bodies together with another body. Then create the component from the newly created “single” body. Then find the joining geometry you created in the history, click on it/them, and delete it/them. There, now you have a component with multiple bodies. Like I said, I don’t use Fusion 360, so I don’t know if this is the “right” way to do this, so proceed at your own risk or whatever. Saving the file first is probably a good idear.

A quick note: apparently the preferred workflow in Fusion 360 is to…

  1. Start a new project
  2. Save it
  3. Create a component within that project
  4. Then start creating geometry
    (naming the things as you start/create them is also good practice)
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they are already individual components and when I click one it highlights the others. This is very frustrating. I did do paste new still no luck. It would bee silly if there is no way to brake them apart. I also cant drag any thing around in the tree to orginize

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Were the components part of a pattern?

no they are all bodys all in there own component

I could look at it if you want to invite me to the project. I just sent an email to you with my info.

I have run into this before. Paste New seems to be the way to go here. They could have made this easier. One of a few painful things in otherwise fantastic software!

Are you copying an existing file into a new design? If so, you should “unlink” the imported object from the original, select each body and create components from said body, you should be able to move the components around independently.

Ya I think im just going to do a ton of deletes things ate separate components and paste new but know knows what a pain. Also no unlink anywhere

Hey, @garin_gardiner, any tips you can share with @Clone on this?

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Hey @Clone, happy to help. Are you around this afternoon to do a GoToMeeting screen share we can work through it together? I am available after 3:00 PST if you are around. If so shoot me a direct message with your email and I will send you a meeting invite for this afternoon.


An Autodesk dev helping you work through it? Doesn’t get much better than that, @Clone if you are able to take him up on it.

Unrelated to Fusion360, but… Autodesk donated computer labs to my high school (in the 90s). Thanks!


@B_and_D_T, thanks for the heads up. I think @Clone and I will chat this afternoon and see what we can do to make this a easier process :slight_smile: