Fusion 360 File Issues

So I’m having a bit of an issue. I have a project that I’m working on in Fusion 360. Here is the link:


It has (or had) multiple components, each with multiple bodies, etc… I was working on one of the components earlier and turned off the others. I saved and closed. Now the project doesn’t appear to list the other components in the browser tree. I’m missing a lot of work at this point.

There should be the following components:

Faction Box 1 (and 2-7), 7 different components that are copies of 1.
Card Tray

And I notice that the name of the primary component is Scythe Insert v11. I haven’t saved 11 versions of the project, and if I had, then the other 10 should show up in my projects… which they don’t.

The component I’m working on was the first component. I’ve made some dimension changes to it. I didn’t think that the other components were linked to this one parametrically aside from using the same variables. But my modifications didn’t change any of the variables, just changed which variable a particular measurement used.

Please help.

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Uhhhh…I’ve done that too. If you go back in the timeline it might lose all subsequent additions if you save it.

(There was significant cussing involved at the time.)

Did you by any chance save a copy to your desktop? That one should be okay, it doesn’t update.


Might have to hit up autodesk themselves.

I thought Fusion 360 had “versioning” and autosaves and stuff. Searching the net for “Fusion 360 versioning” might bring up some solutions.

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I didn’t go back in the timeline… at least not directly. I edited the sketch that generated the bodies of the first component. Yeah, within that component there were a couple of issues once I finished editing the sketch, but I didn’t realize that it would erase the whole timeline. Isn’t that the point of parametric design is to be able to go back and edit the sketches and automatically update the bodies and components?!? I understand if a body is affected by the change (i.e. in this case the lid of the box is missing as well [it was a body within this component], but I can accept that, the change I made negated the width of the lid. But the other components were not built off of this original component, so why would going back in this component’s timeline mess up the others?

Sadly I did not back this up… but I will certainly start doing that.


This might be helpful…


All the hearts!!!

Thank you! Yes, I have to go back and re-do the changes I made but holy crap that would have been a lot of lost work.


Nothing pounds home the concept of backups and version control like losing hours of work. Sorry, I hope we all learn from this.


As was pounded into my head over and over and over at film school: “One copy is not a backup. 2 copies (in different places) is one backup. Keep two backups.”

Pretty sure the military version (which i think is for life-essential equipment) goes something like
"one is none and two is one".

Reminds me, I should stop work right now and make two backups…


And to reiterate your first point, “There’s no such thing as onsite backup.”