Fusion 360 files not importing into Illustrator?

Hi all-- I’m an avid Illustrator user, but trying to add to my skillset (and what I make on the GF) with 3D design, so am starting to learn Fusion 360. I’ve watched parts of the webinars GF users have made about getting started with Fusion for the GF user, and will watch the rest at some point-- and am very appreciative of them!

My question – that I can’t find an answer to here or in the Adobe forums-- is whether I can import a file from Fusion 360 back into Illustrator. I made a simple sketch-- just 2-D-- and exported both as a DWG and a DXF, both of which Illustrator should open. I have opened files of those types in Illustrator before (and just found some other dxfs/dwgs, not from Fusion, in my files and successfully opened). Upon trying to open in AI, however, I get a message “The file is of an unknown format and cannot be opened”.

I’m exploring some options for how to design a new series of items, but being able to go between the two will be important. If it’s just not possible, then I’ll go a different direction in terms of what programs I use for this project. It just seems weird, and I’m wondering if I’m experiencing a fluke or a rule.

Try using Open With. (Right click the DXF file on your desktop and choose Open With AI). It’s not an import as I recall, just an open.

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Good idea-- just tried. Sadly, same issue… Hmmmm…

I know you can do it…I’ve done a lot of parametric stuff in F360 and exported dozens if not hundreds of DXF files.

Maybe it’s something in the export settings for the DXF?

Yeah, that’s why this seems so weird. I can’t find any export settings options on the Mac desktop version of Fusion 360-- but I just used a free online converter to convert the DXG version I’d exported to an SVG, and that then opened just find in AI… So, at least I have the test file to play with, but I’ve got to figure out where the glitch (or obvious thing I’m missing) is…

Do you get the same AI error if you export a PDF instead of dwg from F360? (You’ll need to make a F360 drawing first)
AI doesn’t understand 3D data well.

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