Fusion 360 issue?

So I am trialing 360.

I cant seem to save my document, the save and save as are greyed out. Any advice? Is this on my end or theirs?

I’ve never seen this one before. Reinforces the adage of save early save often. With any luck you can shut it down and there will be an auto saved version when you bring it back up.

Is it updating? That can put a hold on things for a while.

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You should be able to save, even if you do not have internet access. I’d try opening a new document to see if you have the same problem there. You should be able to save a new, unedited document.

Yeah, I tried that and it does the same thing.

I’m listed as “online”… but I think I am well and truly hosed now, because I clicked the “trial ends in 26 days” thingy up top and now it’s trying to load some sort of form I think, and getting nowhere.

Ah well, this is a learning project, if I lose it I lose it. I will have to redo it, which will reinforce my skills, I suppose.

How’s that for brightsiding things? Thanks to everyone who piped up. You guys are waaaay faster than autodesk, who haven’t answered me in about 4 hours since this all started.


Spend the 5 minutes and get yourself the free license now. All it takes is going through and certifying that you qualify and you do.


Yeah I wondered if maybe my status was the problem. I’ll go do that, good idea.


I have forced-quit out of F360 before knowing that they auto-save in the background. Next time you open the app, look for a pop-up dialog saying your auto-saves can be recovered from the File menu. Even if you don’t see that, look for a “Recover” option in the File menu and see if it’s in there. You might have to re-do the last few steps, but it’s normally pretty good about things.


The good news: the autosave worked and all is well there.

The bad news: I’m still bad at Fusion, and my model is all kinds of improperly constrained.

Part of the process I suppose…


Yup, I’m still pretty poor with it two years in but each new model I learn something.
Glad to hear that you could recover your file.

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Sorry to hear you are having issues in Fusion 360.
The save icon could be greyed out for 2 reasons:

  1. It was recently saved and there haven’t actually been any changes to the design. (Basically, no point in saving two versions when there wouldn’t be a difference between them)
  2. Your account is expired. Expired accounts still have access to design. You just can’t save your design changes if your account is expired.

I know #2 isn’t your case, but I figured I would point it out anyway. IF you do qualify as a hobbyist or a start-up, you can set that up anytime you’d like. You can also pay for a commercial subscription anytime you’d like. You do not have to wait for your trial to end to do either.

Fusion will auto-save your design (for recovery purposes) on a regular basis as long as the file has been saved at least once. This ensures that the design is part of your library of designs. You can force an auto-save whenever you’d like by pressing CTRL-SHIFT-S on your PC or CMD-SHIFT-S on your Mac. I do this VERY regularly so I never lose my work.

Hope this all helps.

Jason Lichtman
Technical Specialist for Fusion 360


In the end, closing and restarting F360 allowed me to reload my autosaved file and continue. I still need to register as a hobbyist/startup, but at the moment all is well.

Jason, when is your next Webinar? Found other ones quite helpful. And did you get your Glowforge after all?

@choughton, you are right. It has been way too long!
Part of the reason is that my Glowforge did arrive and I have been nerding out whenever possible.

I’ve received a lot of feedback requesting a deep dive into sketching.
So, I’m going for it.
I’m calling it part 0 because it is going to start off even more basic than any of the previous webinars.

When: Dec 8, 2017 3:30 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)
Topic: Introduction to Fusion 360 for Glowforge Users - Part 0

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