Fusion 360 Parametric Kerf Help

I have a simple project and from what I can tell a complicated kerf. This my third time I have used the program. Still not doing everything correctly. The other files I fixed in Illustrator.

My issues is that the puzzle pieces aren’t tight enough. I just need the inside cuts to slightly smaller than the outer dimensions. (I think.)


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:wink: Just so happens I did a write-up on that a while back:


I saw it! And my brain melted. I guess I need a cleaner sketch.

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(I have that reaction frequently.)


That’s a lot of batteries.

It was built for the economy packs from Sam’s club. (And yeah, I wound up scrapping that design in favor of something a little easier to fit into the cabinet.) :rofl:

This is one of the reasons I’ve learned to use the CAM module in F360. With it, you can easily adjust kerf, even down to individual features, without having to modify your model.

If you haven’t seen my video on this, take a look here: Fusion360: DXF export with kerf compensation for laser cutting

I have learned more about the CAM module since posting the video, so I will trying to either record another video or write something up for you today or tomorrow.


Thank you for showing me post processors and cam tools.

The trick I think to solve my problem is to use two setups for each piece one for the outer and one for the inner.

You don’t need 2 different setups, you need 2 different cutting operations. It’s a bit more complicated when the inner and outer cuts are part of the same profile (i.e. part of the same path). I have not specifically tried to do what you’re doing, so I’m not completely confident in the process. I’m playing around with some ideas to work through it.