Fusion360 for Startup

I am a little late to the Fusion360 game but I’ve decided I am going to give it a go. I ran into a couple questions when trying to install Fusion360 and I think this is useful information for anyone else looking to install it.

When you head over to download Fusion360 you might be surprised to see that they no longer offer it free for hobbyists or startups … or so it seams.

Follow these steps to install Fusion360 and to start using it for free! (of course you need to follow Autodesk’s licensing and by no means am I telling you how or wishing you to pirate this software…)

  1. Download the free trial and install
  2. Log in or create and Autodesk account
  3. Launch Fusion360
  4. Click on the countdown clock in the upper right
  5. Click “Sign up as a Start-up or Enthusiast (Free)”
  6. Accept the terms and conditions
  7. You’re all set!

I know this is pretty straight forward but I almost didn’t install it because I thought they had changed their license to not include hobbyists.


You also need to renew it annually. The link to the instructions is in the Tutorials. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, from how the sign up goes it would be easy to think it is not free to startup and hobbyists. You have to recertificaty yearly but so worth it. If I ever make the magical 100k I’ll be very happy to start paying for it.


Yeah they are a little confusing on that aspect but yes, it’s still free to use for those earning less than $100k/yr with it.

Then they confuse it again with an annual renewal process, which again, free to the hobbyists or low volume users.


sorry about that @jules I did a search and didn’t see it! :man_facepalming:

I wish it was a little more straight forward :wink:


Just found it in the tutorials - Nice work @markevans36301

I honestly forgot that topic existed… Need to reference that more!

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Oh it’s no problem…I only included that in there so I can find it to renew it when the time comes. :wink:


If you decide to work through these, make sure you read the comments as the one on box joints is needing updated and has given more than one person some problems.

If you have trouble elsewhere let me know and I’ll investigate and update as needed.


I think they have to do something like an annual rennual. If they need to change the terms of the license for any reason, it can’t be a forever thing.

That said it’s awesome. It’s the best technical drawing software I’ve used in years. I have learned to loathe fence dragging circles and squares. It’s so 1984!