Futhark - a custom board game based on runes

My ten-year-old son designed this board game, which he calls “Futhark”, based on old Norse runes. The object of the game is to move your pieces from one end of the board to the opposite end. There are some other rules around knocking players back and so forth. The board is made from two layers of Proofgrade maple plywood, and the pieces are acrylic. We designed the dice which were 3D printed, then cast in resin.

Probably still needs a bit of playtesting but pretty happy with the result!


Very cool. Your 10 year old is well learned. Futhark, or actually Elder Futhark, is the name of the oldest runic alphabet. Cool stuff =)

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Very cool. Designing a playable game is a real skill. This must have been a fun project for both of you.

I have tried 3D printing dice in resin, but could not get the top face to print due to pooling. I hadn’t thought of making a casting. (Instead I bought some 16mm acrylic blanks that I plan to engrave on the Glowforge.) How do you like the weight of the resin dice?

Hehe… now my 10 year old wants to make it :slight_smile: