Future Owners

The Association of Professional Model Makers is interested in having Glowforge involved in the upcoming Conference on March 16-19!!
I am a Design Professional, Glowforge Owner, and active Board Member of the APMM.
This group is the absolute perfect audience of future owners, and they’ll be all together in one place.
Due to email volume, I’ve been unable to reach anyone in Marketing/Sales, so I thought that I would give this a try. If you know the correct individuals to receive this request, please pass it along!!
We love our Glowforge and want more people to experience it!!


They just hired a new marketing head, Michelle Mares, who might be the one to contact: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180130005435/en/Marketing-Maven-Michelle-Mares-Joins-Glowforge©-3D


@bailey or @dan could help find the right person to contact for this.


Tried them both… hope to get a response.

Somewhere around here is an old thread where glowforge asked what events they should attend. There is also one where you can apply for some glowforge help in attending a maker faire/festival/whatever. No idea if either is still considered active by glowforge staff. Dan said they sent a skeleton crew to CES this year. I don’t think they want to do much in the way of show attendance until they are up to date on shipping.

I think you would be best off asking for anyone with a glowforge, who is located close to where your conference will be held, if they want to show it off. Remember that without a filter they would need a booth that could vent. So, I guess what I’m saying is when and where is the 2019 conference?


How cool! We usually can’t add events to our schedule in person, but the Glowforge Grant Program is active and we’d love to support a Glowforge owner attending with their unit!

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So, at this point, I should put a Topic out looking for Owners in the Grand Rapids area who are interested in showing at the Conference… and the get them in touch with you??


Yes, point them to the Glowforge Grant Program described here! We’d love to have them apply.