FYI for coreldraw

If you want to use coreldraw this may be helpful.

Coreldraw for lasers

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Are you affiliated with the course in any way?

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Nope. I have coreldraw and am planning to learn to use it specifically for my GF. Thought it might be useful to others.

UPDATE: a very!!! Basic text. Just read through it in about 10 minutes. For a very new person to graphics software it may be useful. It is easy to understand. But don’t expect to leap tall buildings in a single bound. If you already have used other graphic software, save your money.


There are several of us here. We tend not to have many of the problems other folks do, or maybe we tend to be long time design software users and so know where the landmines are and how to do things.

The only issue I’ve every had with Corel is the winding rule issue. GF doesn’t support the SVG standard for winding rule treatment so sometime (2% of the time maybe?) a boolean won’t express in a way the GF will handle and your island engrave goes solid - but they “fixed” the software and it now will at least show you in the thumbnail that it’s going to come out solid. Before they showed it correctly but engraved it incorrectly. Now it is shown & engraved incorrectly so you are forewarned and can go fix it in the SVG or in Corel itself.

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They did call it the first or many (Laser Cutting Series Book 1).
Sound like they want to nickel and dime people to death.

I agree that most using Corel probably have had it before their glowforge and are reasonably competent with it .
Pretty steep price when you consider how many free programs are available these days.

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