FYI: Glowforge FAQs continue to evolve

It’s useful to reread the Glowforge FAQs once a month or so. Bailey has updated a bunch of the FAQs in the past couple of days. There are no significant changes in what we already know but there is clarification for those that are new to the forums or don’t have the time to read every post. For example: there is clarification in the FAQ “How loud is the Glowforge”; also clarification stating that all units come with a vent hose; and information on power requirements that states “The machine consumes 800W peak, but 300W is more typical - in the range of a desktop PC.”

I did notice that the FAQs state that the Glowforge catalog won’t launch until after the Glowforge ships. It’s likely the catalog is a lower priority until after production units start to go out the door. Also the FAQs no longer directly discuss purchasing barcoded materials from the company. My guess is that’s still the plan but also a lesser priority until after the initial units ship. Both seem like a reasonable change in wording given the stage of development.


The tech specs section also seems to have been expanded quite a bit, at least from the last time I took a look.

For example, I don’t remember these details being included:

  • Macro Camera — Able to view one square inch with resolution of 0.002” (0.05mm). (This brings to mind another thread recently created about precise alignment, what the camera could see resolution wise, etc.)

  • Camera can record stills and video for documentation and sharing of projects (I think I remember this being in the idea hopper? Super cool! Another angle to obtain footage from besides a GoPro in the case!)

Anyways, long time reader since my purchase. First post. Can’t wait to get started!


Good catch @jbmanning5 - video actually shouldn’t be in there yet since it’s still in the hopper and not in the code. :wink: @bailey can correct that. And thanks for the notes, @rpegg! The actual interesting bit there is that the focal length of the lens is 50mm. That said, we should just pull it until we rewrite it as it will confuse people as you note