FYI Source for hinges, screws, box corners

I buy chicago screws, rivets, hinges and box corners from this place, thought I’d share the info.

Where do you get your hardware?


McMaster Carr. :grin:


I can find 90% of what I need between McMaster Carr and Amazon, that last 10% can be a real challenge though as that means it is obscure so I collect links to places like what you posted. So thanx.

Two things I love about McMaster Carr are, they have a hub in ATL that means that I often have what I need in a day without special high-cost shipping. The other thing is they are not industry specific so they have a huge variety.


You can also import MUCH of McMaster Carr’s catalog directly into Fusion 360 as 3D models, which makes it super-easy to design around parts.

And from time to time I’ll get hardware from Rockler when I’m picking up wood. They carry nice stuff, though a touch expensive compared to online.


Oh yeah! Thanks. On my very long list of things to do is some studded leather bracelets for the teen crowd. And, that was right up on the home page when I followed the link.

Considering I told myself I would stop being sidetracked at 12, and it’s past that, I’ll go back there another time.


For really special bits there is Skycraft and Acme in the Orlando area. They both have web pages, but if you are in Florida, or planning to visit they are a better attraction than Universal Studios. I used to live nearby and spent long hours and bunches of money as a certain percentage of what is there may be a limited time or amount or even a one of a kind and it might be there a few weeks or a few minutes as many things I was considering were gone while I was thinking about it.

The best of what is there never makes it to the web, but they are worth a look particularly if you are in Seattle or Australia or something.