Game of Thrones Catan



I don’t recall seeing this in the forum before, and I’m not seeing it in search, but it looks incredible; and, there’s a shout out to Glowforge.

Game of Thrones Catan


It has been.

It’s also been posted to Thingiverse this morning:


Also maybe i should read things properly…

Just noticed the Thrones theme DOH!


This is just astonishing. It’s worth reading the whole post to get an idea of how much work the maker put into modifying the files and producing all the parts.


Truly amazing the amount of work put into that! Every last detail was thought about. I can imagine those games being around for generations!!


This is amazing!



I think this person must have some ties to glowforge. The Wheat, Ore, and Brick tiles are the same ones that were developed for the Glowforge Catan board (The one we have been granted free access to)


They don’t have a connection to :glowforge:. They just used the :glowforge: tiles and also traced the water from the video that showed the board that was originally made.

They used a Full Spectrum laser to make this…
See the reddit thread about the board they made:


This is outstanding. Awesome ideas and details.