Game of Thrones Coasters

read the post the guy said he was going to upload it

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Adding the Coaster Holder tonight. Who knows, you might see more before tomorrow night’s battle against the Winter King.

Wait… The who now? Now I’m wondering if you’re referring to the Night King or if you’re calling Bran the Winter King (which fits, but I’ve never heard anybody call him that before).

How did you do the blue eyes and other parts white on the acrylic?

My bad on the name. My girlfriend kept on calling the image Winter King over and over. Anyway, that coaster is 1/8" acrylic and is engraved on both sides. The bottom is the main image with text backwards to keep any strong engraving of the top face. The ice cracks were engraved on the top. The eyes and border in blue were literally tinted with blue acrylic paint which was painted by hand. After that, I applied a circular piece of black adhesive foam to the bottom for a no slip bottom and to use the black as a background for the image.

You said you reversed engraved the Night King. Is that where you spray paint acrylic black and then engrave the reverse image?

Mike, actually I didn’t spray anything black. I engrave both sides of clear acrylic. The black you see is the black adhesive foam placed on the bottom side of the coaster. Each coaster uses this foam and I liked how it popped the engraving. I’ll put up that coaster tomorrow as the Night King has left us. However, I’ll need to not keep his image and get you a URL as I bought it online. So I’ll freely give you the SVG with a link to the image I used.

Hope that helps.


Ah OK. So white and blue paint after you engraved it and then black is the sticker. I think I understand now.