Game of Thrones Coasters

Hey all,

First time post of things I’ve made so far. Wanted to share my coasters.

Going to visit my girlfriend’s family and wanted to make something for the guys. We all watch Game of Thrones so why not some coasters. Found some art, quick design of the holder and the Glowforge did the rest. I added some adhesive backed foam on the bottom after staining the baltic birch. Lastly did a quick reversed engrave Night King coaster on acrylic with some front “ice cracks” engraved as well.

I’ll add some more Glowforge goodies next week. Have a good one!


Nice collection of stains… got a preferred brand/colors?


The stains are from Home Depot. Varathane brand. Colors were Gray, Golden Pecan, Sedona Red and Gunstock. The Lannister coaster was a quick stain of Golden Pecan followed up by Gunstock in order to achieve the color I wanted. Becky is an impressionist artist and has a great eye for color. She immediately discussed staining them after I had made them.


They came out great!

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Love the holder!

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These look great!

Awesome results! :grinning:

I like those!

Thanks! I gave the coasters out this past week and they went over like hotcakes! People were so amazed at the quality that they continually asked if they were bought or done from an outside source. They couldn’t believe that this could be done at home with the Glowforge.

I have a lot to learn… especially the best way to pre-stain wood prior to cut/engrave.


Love the colours! Thanks for sharing!

Where did you download the house sigils?

@mike734734, they’re pretty ubiquitous. Just google.

I am legit so envious of these coasters!! If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of glue/foam did you use? And that coaster holder… everything about is making my inner GoT fanboy go crazy and I wanna make this for myself!

Glad you like them. They went over really well as gifts. The foam backing is from Michaels arts and crafts. I believe it is creatology brand adhesive-backed foam sheets. Ah yes… here’s what I bought…

Really easy to work with. The coaster holder is just another piece of baltic birch. The tines were cut from the same piece of wood and I glued them into peg holes I cut into the base. Give me a day or two and I’ll share the holder in free designs.


Those are great!

Amazing stuff, what kind of wood was used?

Sorry just read it fully, birch nice, did you use modified settings?

Not at all. I read these forums and worked with paramaters that worked for others. The magic of this forum! Oh and sorry for the delay on putting up the coaster holder in SVG. Down for the count with a winter cold. Will get to that this weekend.


Any chance you upload the coaster holder? Great work btw.

That’s a FAQ.


If someone shares a print that they’ve made, please respect their sharing and do not ask for the source design or artwork. Designs take work and have value, and when you ask someone to give you that value for free, you undermine their work.

NBD, but it’s discouraged for good reasons. Welcome to the forum, @rolson84!