Gaming art!

I got out my SNES the other day and I was staring at the controller and was like, “Hey, wouldn’t it be awesome if I made a SNES inspired game controller?” And I give you AWESOME lol (I might be going a little over board but still pretty cool)

I went a little bigger with the d-pad and a little smaller with the buttons to allow the contrast of the wood to show through. I think it would make an awesome gift for people to put there names, logos, or gamertags on it above the start and select keys or on the back.


Oh also they have 5 different levels of depth, 12 different cut out parts, 5 different stains between them, and 2 different thicknesses of material (1/4 in natural maple, and 1/8 in draft board)


Yeah, those are WAY better than the original!


You can never go overboard! They look great!