Ganahl Lumber - what should i order?

Alright, I have officially burned through my proofgrade materials and am going to be headed into ganahl lumber tomorrow to pick up some supplies. I know I need a bulk of something lighter ( maybe baltic birch) and a smaller amount of walnut/cherry.

Can anyone tell me what i should be asking for when I go in? cut sizes? will they know what the glowforge is and how to help me there? What do you normally order?

I have lens cloths and a roll of vinyl ease for masking, so if you have any other material suggestions I am all ears.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey, welcome. :slight_smile:

Check out #1a and #2:


I print this out on my paper printer and take it with me when I go. It is the best way to cut a 4x8 sheet of wood for the GF. (1.2 MB)

(sorry, I am not on my Adobe computer at the moment so I can’t convert that to any other file format.)


My Ganahl does not know about laser cutting. I go in for 1/8th inch BB. It comes in a 5x5 sheet. I have them cut it there. Depending on where you go, depends on how they will charge you if you need cuts. One place charges me for 14 cuts, where my favorite doesn’t charge me because I ask for 6 cuts and you get 5 free. I asked for 4 cuts about 12 inches apart with the long grain, and 2 cuts about 20 inches apart with the short grain. The last boards are smaller because of kerf, but I’m ok with that.

The only other 1/8th inch material that I know they sell is hardboard, which is not the same as the proof grade draftboard. But I buy rolls of veneer there and cut those at home by myself with a box cutter. That’s all I get at Ganahl, if you find something else, let me know!


I’ve bought their 1/4” and 1/8” Baltic Birch plywood’s. Both come in a 5’x5’ sheet, so cut like @CMadok describes and you’ll get 15 GF sized pieces out of each sheet. Unless you’re planning to use the pieces for GF Pro Passthrough- in that case have them rip each sheet into three strips. I usually ask for 19.5” wide. They also carry large rolls of various veneers, with or without adhesive backing.


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