Garage sign

So my friend (a fellow Glowforger) is converting a huge barn into a garage. He’s a bit of a gear head (he put a full hydraulic lift into the floor of the barn!), so clearly he needed some artwork for the walls. I decided some classic car racing signs would be cool. Originally I had planned on doing this sign on the x-carve at 24” diameter, but it kept crashing the g-code spooler (cncjs) about an hour in :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:, and was going to be a pain to paint, so went with a scaled down on the Glowforge in Draftboard. The paint is just regular old krylon from Home Depot, and glued up with CA glue. Weirdly the CA accelerator puts a slight speckled pattern on the orange (actually a cool texture effect). I cut out a template for the text. I’m going to put a gloss clearcote over the top as signs of this era were shiny (plus that will hide the slight CA glue leakage around the letters) and will protect the sign. Next up is an Esso fuel sign. That one probably will go on the x-carve as it’s easy to paint. But will likely do the extra words on the x-carve and glue up


Cool detail for his garage. :+1:


This looks awesome!!


Something like this?


NIce sign!


He will love it!!!


I like how the script text goes “outside the box.”