Garden placards

The perfect use of a glowforge.


Nice! What material?

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Looks like two-color acrylic?

Yeah thats my thought - just curious from where, if its UV rated, etc. I don’t know if the Inventables 2-tone acrylic is rated for outdoor use

They make clear coat spray that will protect from UV…

What settings did you use for that material? I’ve got a buddy who could really use some of these, and I’d be happy to make them for him.

Looks like leaves… possibly from the coneflower plant.

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Black on Bright White Laserable Acrylic Sheet - 25255-01

I set it to Proofgrade Orange medium acrylic, but I had to do the engrave twice to get it to be white.

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Looks nice. Offered to make some for a sibling this spring … But they weren’t interested.