Garden sign using only Glowforge print software

Made by using only the beta software features in the dashboard
I placed the text & image with a long rectangle then created an outline
removed the rectangle, added two lines to cut to a point :heart_eyes:



Nice demonstration of what can be done using only the gfui tools!


I have also made and designed garden art just using the GF software. How were you able to avoid the outline being all cut out?

Hi Jimmy!

Do you mean the rectangle I used to make the outline? I removed it after making the outline
Here’s a screengrab - you could also just ignore it, but i just deleted it
Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 12.07.46 PM

I also learned recently that you can copy + paste different sections of the vector files to manipulate settings. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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How to you copy and paste different sections of the vector file?

Just Ctrl C and V to paste
It also depends on the vector!
I did it with my StickyDevil Phone kicks
The vector files has the horns separated so I was able to remove them and inserted a new file of the devil heart vector

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Is this in the GF software? I never knew this was possibly?

What exactly?

I took a rectangle from the new interface and I tried to copy and paste one side of the rectangle. It is not possibly for me to just copy one side. It copies the entire rectangle.

The rectangle is one piece, the interface doesn’t allow you to split and object

That copy and paste is what I thought you referring to. I know how to C+P a vector. I thought there is a new way to copy and paste just a section.

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