Gareth David Studio - Adobe Illustrator free tutorials (with worksheets)

Finally going to have time to learn Adobe Illustrator the correct way…instead of skipping around looking for a video to teach one item to get me by…going to start watching and participating (it’s free!) from the Gareth David Studio (think it is nicknamed TASTYTUTS. Has a video showing you step by step and has worksheets to practice on. I’ve done a couple and they really helped out.


Is Adobe Illustrator free also?

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Unfortunately, no. You have to buy the actual program.

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sorry no. It’s a monthly fee from Adobe (used to be able to be purchased but Adobe changed their purchased content to monthly rental). I use an older version, CS3, which unfortunately has a lot of bugs in it. If I can learn it rather quickly, and decide whether I want to start a business…will depend upon whether I can justify a monthly subscription.

Maybe someone here that has a subscription can tell us whether you can just purchase a subscription for ONLY Illustrator? If so, that might be at a better price point.

Looks like a sale on the entire CC Suite right now.


You can get just illustrator, but they are pretty proud of their single app subscriptions. 21 dollars per month for illustrator if I remember right. Photoshop you can get for 10/month with the photography plan when I was getting that. Once in a while you can find sales on amazon for the subscriptions as well.

Does look like @hansepe was right…looks like they have a better price right now. I know how time to learn illustrator the right way (vs. pick a quick youtube here and there and get the current issue fixed right then) …but the amount you will continually pay just astounds me. Need to do some research and decide…I’m giving myself until Friday to figure it out…don’t want to miss a discount if I decide to stick with illustrator.

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Really late here, I pay $20 a month for illustrator. Udemy has a great course I’ve been using it’s an illustrator master class. I bought it for $9.99 when they were on sale. Hope this helps.

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Also, if you or anyone you know has an .edu email, they have really good educational pricing. It’s good for students, instructors, teachers, etc. I’m pretty sure you just need a .edu email for it and naturally you shouldn’t use the educational version for commercial work.

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