Gasket for Tecumseh Carburetor

Working on a “Drift Trike” project with my son:

We needed to rebuild the carburetor, and when removing it, the intake gasket tore. I have gasket material on hand, so all we had to do was get some measurements of the old gasket, throw it into CAD and cut a few out on the Glowforge. I also made a gasket for between the air cleaner and the intake of the carburetor. Time to machine up a air cleaner adapter.

For reference, this should fit most Tecumseh engines. This is an 8 HP snowblower engine. In a pinch, “chipboard” like a breakfast cereal box material could be used for a gasket of this type.
Tecumseh Carburetor-Air Cleaner Gasket.PDF (7.0 KB)
Tecumseh Carburetor-Intake Manifold Gasket.PDF (7.2 KB)


Sure beats tapping it out on the flange with a screwdriver handle. :sunglasses:


I did the same for a compressor diaphragm. It’s fun to find practical uses for the laser!


This is great. I just took my carb off of a tecumseh motor and had the same thing happen. If these work, this will be great! Thanks in advance :+1::crossed_fingers::clap:


Sweet!! Best use of a Glowforge … and you already helped another person. Which is just wonderful! Nice of you to share.


I did something similar for one of my husband’s power tools (I don’t remember which one) a year or so ago. I didn’t have a GF at the time, just cut it out of thick pellon material with scissors. It worked well and I made a few of them for him so he’d have extra. But now that I have a GF, I will use it to cut the pellon. So much more fun! Thanks for sharing!