Gate Key Tag

We put in a new fence and gate … somehow the key tags didn’t get made. The new keys were together … and lost in the first week! Yikes. Grabbed some scrap Proofgrade Cherry Plywood … to take care of the replacement keys. Not too exciting … but, you’ll find the file attached if you can make use of it.

21 (8.5 KB)


I ought to make mine big enough to find in my purse! Great idea! :grinning:


It took three weeks to get one replacement key, then a trip to the locksmith. Couldn’t get the key made at Lowe’s or Ace. So, the moment they got in the house … I did a quick file and got it done. (You know the missing keys will show up now!)


Yep. It’s a given. :smile:

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Excellent idea, and thanks for the file! I really should do that…

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It always seemed to work for the gas stations.
I think you will find these as hard to forget or lose.


Your tags turned out great. Clean and clear design. I like it!

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With three different socks, smelling of alcohol


Ha ha :joy:

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