Gear Box Toothbrush Holder

Or any kind of brushes or tools really. I was just thinking this would give the kids something to play with while they brush…maybe keep them brushing longer? (Who knows? It kind of looks like something from a Steampunk Con with the dental tools in it.) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And the little gears (which were fun to design) work on the front and back side, so they can brush and fiddle with something for a while.

This one also started out with a video that got creamed by Discourse, but Bailey had shot one for Instagram a while ago, so it can be seen in action here:

(The gears are a great thing to print in all of those little unused spots between other prints too, to keep from wasting material. I’ve got bags of little gears from finishing up a bunch of PG.) :grinning:

(Last new design for a bit…got some other stuff to do that I’ve been putting off for too long now. I think I might take a shot at some acrylic stuff next - I got all these beautiful sheets of colored PG and haven’t decided what to do with them yet. Ideas are welcome.)


Oooooh very cool!!

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Love the idea of working gears on a box, and it’s still got your signature elegance!

Ideas for colored acrylic:
cement together in stained glass patterns
Slumped bowls
Combine the above.


Love your design but just had a thought!
Wouldn’t it be cool/fun to have the gears connect around the corners. Then, while turning the ones facing you you’d see the one ons the other side turn in the mirror.


I really like that, it would be appropriate on any (mechanical) engineers desk to hold “stuff”

It would mostly just get played with though. I call those kinds of things, along with puzzles, etc. “engineer traps”


Oh, the video isn’t working for me?


Next box. This one actually started out as an octagonal design, with the gears meshing around the corners, but it turned out to be a bit large. :neutral_face:

So I cut it down a bit. Sacrificed those corner turns. (I’ll work on something else later - got piles of gears.)


My first thought exactly… great minds… ooh aah!

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Cool! So how do you do the hubs? Just the offcut glued to the base and then a slightly wider bit glued on top?


Yep! Turns out the PG splits very well with a pair of wire cutters. (Large pair.)

Little sanding and you’ve got a nice cap to glue on.


Great idea! Love the combination of woods contrasting on each gear, and the different spokes.

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Where do you go to generate the gear designs? I LOVE steampunk and I have a good piece of the Maple hardwood that is ready to be scrapped. Gears of all sizes would do well in the last bits of “space”


Stop it, Jules! It’s too good.

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I created them in Illustrator using blanks from McMaster Carr. (So they are actually interchangeable with real gears. If you should happen to find a need for wooden gears.) :thinking:


Well this is just fun!! :smiley:


@Jules - is it possible to get the video fixed? I want to share this on social media and I bet it’s even more impressive when you can see it in action.


the video works for me

Really?? It just looks like this for me, and clicking the play button does nothing. Hmm. Anyone else?

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Looks like that for me in Chrome, but it works in Edge.

I’m using Firefox, in case that helps.