Gears in situ



First shot at making some meshing gears. Using the dev version of inkscape extension.

I think the results are plausible for very light duty (things turn, at least). But the smaller gears at least will need kerf adjustment, and the drawings will need tweaking to get rid of double-cutting. My plan is to make the hubs bigger and glue them down before cutting, then add a little lube. For scale, the smallest gear is about 5/8 diameter.


They look great! Whatcha makin’? :grinning:

It must be gears day…I was planning to work up a design with some gears too, and there’s a cool gear box that @cmreeder just worked up.

(You used an extension for Inkscape to do those? Is there a link to it we can use for the tutorials?)


I’ve got a lot of gear-related stuff noodling around. One of the potential flat projects is something to turn light switches on and off. I’ll also need to figure out a reliable clutch mechanism for that…

Also want to build some robot arms in a decent size, but that’s going to take a bunch of prototyping.


Yeah, that kind of thing is above my pay grade. Can’t wait to see it! :grinning:


Thanks for the link! Looks like fun.
Parafin or even bar soap work well for lubricating wood-on-wood.


Thanks. I’m figuring paraffin might be best because soap scares me on plywood. I’ve been amazed over the years at just what things soap will eat when given enough time and a little moisture.


Don’t want to derail the thread, but every time I see a reference to paraffin, I remember working on a friend’s Fiat 124 back in the 70s. The Haynes manual (published in the UK) said to “…fill the petrol tank with paraffin…” While my buddy was calling candle shops, I pointed to the UK-US lexicon on the back page. :rofl:


Hahaha! Oh man, good thing you were around!