Gears, Inside and oval

Does anyone know how to put gears inside non-circles i.e. ovals and rectangles or on the tips of ovals so the oval gears would only engage a few teeth of the secondary gear per revolution? So far I am not having any luck finding how to’s only pictures
Thanx, CDS

Inkscape has a native gear builder that you can make a mess of gears and they will all mesh. It might take some messing with to get how it works but it is very simple.


I’ve seen online generators for this but I’m coming up dry just now.

Plenty of standard gears just no odd shapes.

This might help:


There is of course the ability to run an object along a path in most programs that you take one tooth and put it along any shape you wish.

Here’s another online gear generator:


That is the one I was thinking of but could not find.

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