Geek Earrings


My kids all inherited my geek leanings, and naturally their spouses and partners share those tastes too. I threw together a quick pair of earrings for my daughter-in-love today. She’s a sci-fi/fantasy author and something of a purist, so I worried a little about the combination of two different symbols (Rebel Alliance and Jedi Order), but I liked the artsiness of it, so I took a chance. It turns out it’s just fine, but I won’t try to reproduce her very technical explanation of why; I’m just glad she liked it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I forgot to take a photo of the final version, but here’s one of the initial prototype. The final version was done in PG red oak hardwood and had slightly thicker loops at the top where I attached the ear wires—this one actually seemed pretty sturdy, but I worried it might not hold up with wear.


Oh, beautiful! Definitely Star Wars material! :smiley:


Looks great and don’t worry about wear and tear you can just print more!

Less “Rebel scum” than “Rebel Mum”



Very cool design!


Not original, sadly. I found it on Pinterest. :wink:


I would recommend adding some more thickness around the hole. I did something similar and the wood snapped at the earring hole. Otherwise, this looks great!


Those kind of attachments are always a weak point. I might dispense with the attachment ring altogether and simply laser a hole in the top of the design - no neck to break that way.


I’ve also used the teeny tiny eye-hooks - however, attaching these in 1/8 wood was a task and took really steady hand to drill the pilot hole (found a small hand tool that works). but result is great for earrings or necklaces where you don’t want a hole in the wooden artwork.


Very nice!


I did thicken it up in the final version, and told her she’s beta testing and I’ll replace them if they don’t last. :smile:


love those!