Geekwire article about the latest delays

The article quotes a few folks from the forum, and includes a statement from Dan. He says that 10 people have canceled today, which is more specific than what we normally hear.


I cringe every time someone calls it a 3D printer.


The article was very generous, GF must have friends at Geekwire.


Find this quote talking about the previously announced October U.S. deliveries interesting.

"We’re only going to be able to ship to day 23 (for people who ordered a Basic model) and day 26 (for people who ordered a Pro). "

That’s not information we had here. Yeah, I know it sucks for everyone after that date and really sucks for the International deliveries. But mathematically it means they would deliver more than I thought.


Well it is “ship” of course, not deliver. And I think that is probably only about 50% of domestic orders because of the large number of orders in the last few days of the campaign.


I don’t spend any time baying at the moon. Have understood their explanation of shipping from the very first day they started Production. I can do the math. And even at 50% it’s more than I thought.


If they are going to ship day 26 Pro orders by the end of the month, why is my day 21 Pro order showing a January ship date?


I don’t write em. Assuming you are U.S.?

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Can’t speak to what you’re seeing, but directly under my shipping date it says:

“This information is our best forecast based on scheduled production rates. Our forecasting software is still in beta. Your estimated date will be updated regularly as new information becomes available”

I very much doubt they will hit that. It still needs a massive ramp up.

One forecast was generated by an algorithm from some incomplete data. The other came out of Dan’s mouth. I know which one I would put my faith in.

“Air cooler”… Well if your waiting for one with your forge , then your going to wait awhile…

And 3d printer… Sigh


Yes, I am in the US.

He should have had that one in his October update. A big difference from what people are presuming based on the noise from the personalized email responses we’ve been seeing the past week.

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