Geekwire article

I just answered some questions for Geekwire, our local tech publication, about our ship date:

Happy to address any questions here!


OK. And I will start it off. No surprise to me. Hope you can meet the by June date. That is the one that I have always thought reasonable. Your quote "“The whole team here is working like mad to make sure that all units from the 30-day campaign are, in fact, delivered by June. We’re still on schedule for that, so right now, it looks like no one will get their Glowforge late.” Wish y’all well.


Thanks @rpegg - that’s where we’ve got all of our energy focused. We’ll do everything we can to make it happen.


(Patient sigh)… Yes, get it right before shipping.

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Yeah I think I speak for the majority here when i say I’d rather wait for it than have to return/repair it. So glad that getting it right is still priority #1.


Absolutely. Heck, since I don’t have a business need for it, I’d even be willing to trade my place in line if that would mean a more thoroughly tested / more bug free / updated version. I ordered on the very last day of the pre-sale. :slight_smile:

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@dan and Glowforge team…Keep up the great work…looking forward to a great product…

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Just sit on the “what’s your shipping address” email when you receive it. They won’t ship until you give them your address. :wink:

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Thank you Sir.
We out here in limbo feed on any news. Well Done.
June? So be it. I gave up any control when I threw my money at you.
Besides, I’m 61 in July - so just in time… and by the time I am 62 I will have mastered this marvelous tool you have brought within my reach.

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Hi @dan. Thanks for posting the article. I don’t have any issues in waiting until June for my GF.
Im curious: Do you have any betas out for testing at this point, or have you opened the software for beta testing at this point?
Looking forward to some new laser Thursday projects!


I must have accidentally deleted my purchase e-mail so now I can’t check when I actually placed my order. I really want to know if I did it before or after that 24th cut off date :wink:

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I did the same thing and was kicking myself. Emailed Bailey @ support and asked her to resend my invoice. Email date was at the end of December, but the invoice shows your date of purchase and your invoice number. I just needed to have invoice where I could look at it once in a while to keep me company while I waited to get the real thing. :smiley:

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I was amazed by people who were posting on the forums about their business plans for the GlowForge, some even mentioning exhibit booths at conferences/fairs, one I can recall with a kiosk in the mall scheduled already.

I suppose some people need to get burned by the difference between a pre-order and a purchase somewhere. But doing it on a larger ticket item like this is a bit painful to watch.


Pretty sure the Oct 24th is just an arbitrary reference date. The company planned to get the orders between Sept 24th to Oct 24th out by the end of June. After Oct 24th between July and September 2016. So if you ordered on the Oct 25th your Glowforge might only be one day behind the folks that ordered on Oct 24th. It’s not like they ship the first 10,000 and then wait months to ship the next batch.

Thanks for engaging us all here @dan. I will be in a much better position to eat, sleep, drink Glowforge in the summer anyway. And I won’t have to worry about it shipping while on vacation. One thing, the Geekwire article did an adept job at handling the 3D printer explanation. Something to remember when folks harp on that theme. Sympathy for the folks who have been making career plans around the Glowforge (glad it was at least a 3 month notice for you @JeremyNielsen). Good luck in the next few months to all the Glowforge team.

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I just read the article, and I gotta say: What the heck is with people?? Dan has said from Day 1 what the hoped for shipping schedule will be, and it’s never deviated from that. And the hoped for schedule is even just that: HOPED FOR.

Is reading comprehension reallllly that difficult for so many people? They complain and accuse, and it’s all nonsense, brought about by their own lack of understanding.

Even the very title of that article could possibly be considered libelous…any attorneys maybe want to look into that?

Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m a firecracker…!


I turn 61 this coming July as well. Based on the other purchase timeline thread, I should be in the 1,400 area in line. Maybe it’ll arrive at the door in time to be that big “dumbass grin” birthday present. :smile:

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Firecracker or union rep? ? ? :wink:

Of course I’m guessing here… The delay discussed in the article likely relates to the intent to get very early units in the hands of some maker spaces or testers in December. Probably talking about fully functional units but not production units. Apparently that did not happen. That’s a step in the development process we have no insight into. It does put pressure and risk on the initial production dates but does not necessarily mean a production slide is eminent. If you are an optimist the schedule may still be OK. If you are a pessimist there is a one-to-one delay. Pick a side and wear your personality well. I tend not to whine about problems that aren’t intentional and outside my control. That’s what Facebook is for.