Geeky Cutting Boards For Xmas

For the nerd in all of us. Bonus points if you can name the mage…


Wow, they came out great, especially the third one!

These are awesome! Wish we had more time before Christmas!

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Yoda best! (I know, I’m cringing too.) These will make great gifts.


First time ever posting here; couldn’t pass up a chance at identifying Raistlin Majere - my favorite mage!
Beautiful work - any advice as to how to finish these cutting boards so they can be most useful? I’ve considered: bees wax, mineral oil, polyurethane.

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Nicely done sir! Great guess.

I have been using this from amazon. Reasonably priced, well rated, and seems to work well for me!

Howard BBB012 Cutting Board Oil, 12-Ounce

I liked this a lot, so I did my own variation on it: