General cutting question for Pro users

I’m going to place this is Beyond The Manual since its about cutting a long cut using the passthrough slot. Safety first.

So my general question that has been rolling around in my head after ordering a boat load of material last night is this:
If I wanted to make a clean edge cut rectangle (easy shapes for now) say 5"x30", could I do it by using a cut file that is split into sections. For example make my rectangle in AI, slice it at 10" and 20", add minimal overlap, expand appearance so the stroke is now a box, send the file for each section.

So it would end up looking some what like this (just using text to infer the basic design):
[ = ]

It’s actually not hard to do if you use indexing marks. (And you don’t want to overlap your cuts.)

Here’s little writeup on how to set it up and pull it off.


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As long as the different places are separate files you are good. @Jules probably covered it but if you use just the arrow keys your file will be at the same alignment so if you keep the work at the same alignment things will line up.

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