Generative art inspiration

Not much here yet, but it’s pretty cool.


While we’re at it, this video is humbling in its creativity.


This could be really good when it fills out more! I love this style of art

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There are several videos like this of such fantastic instruments as this just begging for someone with the abilities of this group to bring to real life.

just do a search om Youtube for Animusic for ideas


One day… :unicorn:

Ahem… I’m bringing over to Corinth in my shipping, an electric hammer dulcimer that I built several years ago, but never had the time to learn to play.
So when someone pointed me to Pat Metheney’s page, I resolved to build my own player.
The half finished parts for the two robotic arms are in the shipping as well !
Now, with more than a little help from Glowfinger, I might get it finished.

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:joy::rofl::grin: <== complete sentence!

That sounds like a really great start! Pat Methenny’s hammer dulcimer really needs to have just two arms instead of one for each note, but the instrument as sculpture and doing several parts at once would be really amazing.

Just had to have another fix of the Orchestrion Project, then found the Emerson, Lake and Palmer video of Fanfare for the common man., which I’d never heard before.
I think I might recover ! Just wow !
John :upside_down_face: